• autumn winter 2017 donna soft collection
  • autumn winter 2017 mot-clè collection

Donna Soft was founded in 1984 thanks to the industriousness of three men from Marche: Aldo Ercoli, Luciano Offidani, Claudio Scocco: three men who gained their vast experience in the workshops of the Chienti valley,
one of the world's most important footwear districts.
From their beginnings in a small basement to an extensive and functional company, the secret of their success? Teamwork, an awareness of the importance of each person, the difference of roles and tasks, the love of a shared project, but above all passion for their work.
The collections interpret the needs and desires of the modern woman, a woman who works, who is immersed in daily life, who lives life, walks down the street and shops. An intelligent and practical woman who seeks out class, beauty and comfort.

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